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Getting Started

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You are viewing the 2009 rendition of the Multiliteracies course.

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Jan 10, 2009 version of Getting Started

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Welcome to Multiliteracies for Social Networking 2009

and Collaborative Learning Environments



Let's start the session 

Please join our Yahoo group : http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/multilit

Our  interaction will take place through e-mailing and file sharing. If you don't have a Yahoo ID

(an account), get one : it is free and easy to obtain following the instructions given at http://www.yahoo.com



How will we communicate?

There are two main communication modes throughout this workshop: asynchronous and synchronous.


The asynchronous mode (not live or in real time)

  • Yahoo group (YG): This will be our main means of communication to be in permanent contact with all members through distribution list. You can edit your membership and choose the e-mail address that you would like group messages be sent to and if you want to receive a daily digest or individual messages.
  • Blog:  to comment on the live presentations given by our weekly guests speakers.
  • Twitter


The synchronous mode (live, in-real-time sessions)

We will have live sessions, with guest speakers, which will take place at a fixed date, time and place. They are already announced and the information will be available in the Events Schedule page. Besides, you will be reminded by mail in advance.



The time for the sessions will be given in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). There is a clock with GMT time in the Front Page or on the right of your window of this wiki for you to check the time where you are located.




There are Weekly Activities or weekly tasks to be completed and/or shared with the other participants.

If you have questions about the tasks, you are encouraged to post your queries to the YG, from your own e-mail, or through the Post function of the YG.


If you fall behind during the session, don't worry, you can always post your completed tasks at any time.


Preassessment Survey

Now that you are in, please complete our preassessment survey; it's located at http://tinyurl.com/77cdds. The survey will allow us to know more about you and your experience with Web tools and resources.


When you arrive at the survey, please answer each of its 10 questions. The survey should take you about five minutes to complete. NB: Please take the survey only one time!


IMPORTANT URLS for our communication during this session:




Links to other tools to be used in the session can be found in our Syllabus


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