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You are viewing the sidebar for the Multiliteracies course

given in September-October 2011 for TESOL, pp107.

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Be patient, this material has not been revised yet for the September 2011 PP107 version of the course


Week 3: Jan 24 - 30 , 2011

Theme: Many selves: A social lens


This week we focus more thoroughly on the tools of connectivist knowledge and discern patterns in how these tools facilitate enhancing knowledge in distributed learning networks.  Some of these tools filter into a container we currently call 'digital storytelling,' and we'll look at these tools in particular and think of ways of using them in developing our e-portfolios.

Picture links to http://www.upi.com/Health_News/2008/12/26/Study_Facebook_generation_learning_skills/UPI-87531230317801/


Knowledge constructs as they develop within connectivist systems can be explored in George Siemens's book Knowing Knowledge, available free at http://knowingknowledge.com (one of our listings at the fictitious entity BerryBush Books).  For a much shorter 2-minute characterization of how this works, see Dave Cormier's short video:


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