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Online spaces used to

Multiliteracies for Social Networking and Collaborative Learning Environments


Accompanies ORIENT - Week 1 - Jan 13-19, 2014


Here's what you should be doing first week of the session

Tick off the check list at the bottom of this page 


Content and what to do in general


  • Main portal page: here
  • Register for the course according to the instructions in the Call for Participation here: http://evosessions.pbworks.com
  • Get started with "Orient" in the first week: here 


You will get maximum benefit from the course if you register with the following Web 2.0 services


When requesting to join Yahoo! Groups please leave a message that will distinguish you from a spam-bot.

In the example below, this is what the moderator sees ... 


Spam-bots are often scripted to leave some innocuous message that could apply to any group.




MOOC theory of course organization





Week 1 Checklist


You've accomplished Week 1 ORIENTATION when you've successfully:


____ 1. got your Google (Gmail) ID, joined our Google+ community, http://gplus.to/multimooc, and posted your introduction there 


____ 2. joined the Multilit Yahoo Group http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/multilit/ (or found its feed, with or without a Yahoo ID)


____ 3. entered your details on the Google Doc form --> Link UPDATED for 2014 here


____ 4. checked the schedule of live synchronous events associated with this course listed at http://learning2gether.pbworks.com/volunteersneeded 


____ 5. learned your local time in GMT according to http://timeanddate.com and made note of these and other events you can attend in your personal calendar


____ 6. read http://tinyurl.com/understandingMultiMOOC to understand how the course works
          alternatively, read Dave Cormier's explanation of Rhizo14, more humorous, and the courses work about the same:


____ 7. familiarized yourself with Getting Started and checked out the links in the Sidebar ==>


____ 8. read or viewed at least one artifact on our FrontPage or at Getting Started and commented on it on Google+ or our Yahoo! Group, or in your blog,


____ 9. Scooped or Tweeted your comment and TAGGED IT #evomlit


____ 10. added yourself to the Twitter list http://list.ly/list/DDH-multimooc


____ 11. had a look at other MOOCs taking place along with ours and tentatively decided on one you'd like to explore during this session


____ 12. had a look at http://tinyurl.com/small2014 at least enough to understand the theory underpinning "open" courses,
           and are able to differentiate cMOOC from xMOOC


____ 13. understood the course objectives <-- hint, this is a tricky one, because YOU set your objectives :-)
            Alternatively, read Dave's Objectives for Rhizo14, they're the same as ours 


____ 14. understood the concept of Me-Portfolios


____ 15. given some thought to where you'll document your Me-Portfolio for this course


____ 16. had a look at the upcoming topics for the coming Week 2, and Badges



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