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given in January-February 2012 for EVO, Electronic Village Online.

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Online spaces used in

Multiliteracies for Social Networking and

Collaborative Learning Environments



Here's what you should be doing first week of the session


Tick off the check list at the bottom of this page


Accompanies ORIENT - Week 1 


Content and what to do in general



You should register with the following Web 2.0 services




MOOC theory of course organization




Social network spaces we are currently using:


Week 1 Checklist


You've accomplished Week 1 ORIENTATION when you've successfully:


____ 1. got your Yahoo and Google (Gmail) IDs


____ 2. joined the Multilit Yahoo Group


____ 3. sent at least one introductory message

____ 4. entered your details on the Google Doc form --> Link UPDATED for 2012 here


____ 5. got an account at Posterous and subscribed to the blog                        When you subscribe Vance can make you a contributor (finally figured it out) 


____ 6. registered at LearningTimes at 


____ 7. learned your local time in GMT 


____ 8. checked the schedule at 


____ 9. made note of events you can attend in your personal calendar


____ 10. joined Change MOOC: <-- (replaces EpCoP MOOC)


____ 11. familiarized yourself with Getting Started and checked out the links in the Sidebar ==>

____ 12. understood the theory underpinning "open" courses,
           even if some people take them for credit, as in Change MOOC


____ 13. understood the course objectives <-- (trick question, YOU set your objectives :-)


____ 14. understood the concept of Me-Portfolios


____ 15. given some thought to where you'll document your Me-Portfolio for this course


____ 16. had a look at the upcoming topic, Week 2, Declare