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Week 2 in

Multiliteracies for Social Networking and

Collaborative Learning Environments


An introduction to BADGES in the Multiliteracies course

January 20-26, 2014 


Jim Buckingham has been looking seriously into the concept of badges in his real work and has prepared an introduction to the topic for MultiMOOC 2.014. Here he will outline his plan for explaining what badges, implementing a system of awarding badges in recognition of professional milestones accomplished, and how you can earn badges for this course.


Sunday, March 31, 2013 - Jim Buckingham and Vance Stevens discuss relevance of "badge" systems for promoting PD amongst teachers both locally and globally

On Sunday, Jan 19, 2014, we discussed it in the context of MultiMOOC (video above)



Digital badges demystified


Use a MOOC to learn about badges

Like this one from P2PU



Toward implementing a badge system for MultiMOOC



See where on Sunday, November 11, 2012 - Jonathan Finkelstein walked us through Learning Times Badgestack



Badges you can earn in this course session



EVO sessions have two constraints as a condition of sponsorship by TESOL

  1. We are not supposed to call our sessions "courses" (to distinguish them from paid TESOL "courses" though sometimes we slip)
  2. We may not award certificates, as this is the sole purview of TESOL


In the link above Halima points us to her certificate bearing the logos of IATEFL and BESIG



Badges are similar to certificates.  We can of course create a badge or certificate of some kind, but we cannot put a TESOL logo on it, and the logo is one example of what gives the certificate its credibility.


In the weeks that follow, we will try as a community to address this issue within the "badge" framework and see what badges we can create and award ourselves, along the lines of what Jim and Vance discuss in the video above.


Week 2 tasks and Challenges


The OLDS MOOC strategy: http://www.olds.ac.uk/blog/olds-moocbadgingstrategy


What's our strategy? In his live talk Jan 19, Jim Buckingham laid down a gauntlet similar to one of the same shape and size put before Rhizomatic Learning 2014. What do folks want? Or put another way, if there is interest, let's come up with a strategy that produces a meaningful badge or two for MultiMOOC 2.014


Jim will guide us.  If it happens, we'll put forward a task list here.  If you have comments or suggestions, leave them at the bottom of this page.



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